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Friday, December 7, 2012

Use of Commission Droid, ad types and ad networks

Ad Types to use with Commission Droid

There are many types of announcements in Android world, however, the most common of them are the following:

Ad types

Text Banners: Ads that show an icon and a text description of the ad. From the most simple and straightforward.

Graphic Banners: Same as above, however, show an image instead of a text.

Expandable Banners: Much more intrusive (and profitable) are expandable banners, full screen showing an ad for a short time, such as can be seen in recent days in famous applications.
Notifications Airpush: From the most annoying and intrusive, are Airpush notifications, an advertising model that displays ads in the main notification bar of the user.

As always, what ad type we use is up to you as user of Commission Droid, balancing that type is more suited to him and his audience, and if you prefer to be more or less aggressive about advertising.

Ad Networks to use with apps builded by Commission Droid

-We have a lat of advertisink networks to help you monetize apps builded with commission droid, entre otras, por ejemplo:

We shall use most the big one, Google AdMob, one of the most well known in mobile advertisingl, now the owner is Google, and is the one wich offer the best results until the date in what concerns mobile advertising.

1. Introducción in AdMob

With this platformncan register as an advertizer (and advertize your stuff), as coder  ,the good news is that with commission droid you don´t need to learn coding, (editor, and earn money with android by introducing ads in your apps).
Google AdMob plays the same role as Google Adwords and Google Adsense in www, and it is available for almost all mobile device, like AndroidiPhone/iPad and Windows Phone.

android iphone windows mobile

2. Fast Panel 

Google AdMob owns an fast panel very easy, here you can see the daily income (regarding the last day or the last week), earnings to cash (since the last pay out) and an estimated future income (graphics wich shos how your earning evolves).
And also, we can see from wich app we have received the income from,  so we can see wich one sells better.


To be able to use Panels in our advertising campains of our apps produced with Commission Droid we must understend some of the tecnical terms.

  • Hits: End user acces an app, this app calls an ad from AdMob.
  • ImpressionsAdMob serves the ad and shows it to the user inside of your the app that you build.
  • Percentage of filling: Could happen that even when the request is received, AdMob is not able to serve the ad (no advertising for this category, no ads for a country, etc...). This concept indicates the percentage used of the total claims. To avoid this, use mediation.

percentage of filling

3. Detailed sections

This panel also fast (useful for checking weekly), we can examine more accurate reports, which show us more detailed information, geographic data (from which countries get requests), setting filters to prevent unwanted ads show, the competition from other countries or certain categories or customizing ads (colors, renovation, social ...).

4. Mediators

As stated above, one of the drawbacks that have used advertising, is that depending on various factors, we may be losing impressions and therefore reducing our profitability. This is clear if we have a low fill rate. To avoid this, in AdMob networks exist mediators or mediation.
Basically, it is set several alternative networks, such as InMobi Adfonic so, in the case AdMob wil not find ads for serving, the network asks these third parts, so you will use the maximum of all impressions.



As a plus to all is that Admob allows us to set up the networks by country o su eCPI  (efectivity, the eCPM presents here the rentability no matter if we talk about CPM, CPC, CPA, etc...).

5. Other things:

AdMob owns an API to allow coders (Cmmission Droid apps builders) to build an own sistem of aoutoadvertising for them.

6. Payments:

The payment from our incomes strings are payed out using bank wire transfer (IBAN & SWIFT of our account) or with Paypal (with our email).
Normaly if the income is more than 100 dollars, you will receive the paymen the second mounth. En another case te income goes to the third mounth.
This is the part that Commission Droid does not explains in their advertising. If you will use mobile advertising networks you will have to wait at lis 2 (two) mounts to begin earning some money with Commission Droid.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Earn money with Android using Commission Droid. Business model

Commission Droid and apps Business Model

This post is the second wich explain how to earn money with Android. Read te first here. There are many business models, hybrids and variations. I'm going to talk about the 6 most common and used, with particular emphasis on the advertising model.

Business Model

1. Payed App

The first one is a paid app. The user can install it, making a payment (usually between 1 and 5 euros). Both in this mode, such as in advertising mode, the developer takes 70% of revenues and 30% goes to Google.

As a convenience, the developer takes a fixed income for every download as a way to earn money with Android, but these apps usually have a low range and need to advertise and much promotion. Maybe it will be better to use this apps later when you become more experienced with Commission Droid.

3. Free App with advertising

No doubt, and my judgment, one of the most profitable and interesting. It has the disadvantage of payment apps that are not available to users who may be interested, but can not buy it, but through advertising banners, offer return on your programmer. It this case it can be yourself with Commission Droid.
Downsides? Many users (especially those who are unaware of the importance of advertising to monetize a project) see advertising as a blasphemy almost unbearable by the developer against its users.

4. Freemium

The Freemium concept linking the payment model with the free model. It offers a free, fully functional but with certain limitations (caution, not any limitation: no advanced features, advertising, etc ...) and it invite you to buy it if you like it. 
The user chooses which use, in its discretion, leaving all parties satisfied. But balance is quite complex, since the limitations of the free version should be well chosen, to differentiate themselves from the next mode.

5. Demonstration - of course it can be made also with Commission Droid

A demo application (well known to thepublic) is one that shows an example of the product ( a couple of levels in a gameor a period of probation) and invites you to buy the full version if you like.
This mode is very interesting, but it should be known that usually negatively affects the user, which imposes a restriction in a very sudden and unexpected way.

6. Added in-app

Finally, this method allows us to introduce the purchase of features or functionality from within the application itself. For example, buying a pack of levels in a game, or a monthly subscription service.

Advertising model

But back to the advertising model. How does this method really? There are four roles involved in the process  (this one can be build with Commission Droid also) and can be easily seen in the following image:

Advertising model

·        You with Commission DroidCreate the appication and reserve a space to include advertisments.

·        Ad Clients: A company or user pays a certain amountfor advertising their product or service in various applications, for the sake of popularity.
·        Google AdMob: The intermediary. Serve ads on Android, allows advertising and charges a small percentage when performing an action.
End User: The customer (end user) of the application, interact in a certain way, either actively (by clicking) or passive (viewing the ad), generating profits for the developer, and a visit, download and sales for advertisers .

That interaction that occurs between the end user of the application and the ads is not always so simple. There are several revenues that you can earn money with Android using Commission Droid, and usually determines the advertiser. The most common are these four:

cost cpi cpc cpl cpa

1. CPI

Cost per impressions (1000): It is the most passive of the four (and that does not require direct action by the user). When end users display 1000 announcements, the developer receives a small income (an example would be 0.02 dollars per 1000 impressions).
Obviously, for these ads work, we have many users using our application, since very small amounts charge 1,000 views. First way to earn money with android.

2. CPC

Cost per click: From common utilities and more, it is make a deposit when a user clicks on the ad. The earned income is higher than the CPM (ie € 0.10 per click). Also, advertising platforms have several methods to rule out fraudulent clicks according to several criteria.

3. CPL

Cost per "lead": In this case, the income is received when the end user clicks on the ad and fills out a form, register or some other action. The income is higher than the above (eg 2 euros per record), but also more complex to get an income.

4. CPA

Cost Per Action: Finally, in the latter case, the income is received when the end user performs a certain action, usually a purchase, a download or similar. Revenues are usually quite high in this case (for example, 5 to 10 euros per sale), usually commissions the product sold.

Read more in some other posts to come . .  yo get a full view of how to earn money using commission droid.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Earn Money with Android using Commission Droid

After you buy Commission Droid come back here to learn more about monetization of an Android application.

This post is addressed to all those who start an application and do not know what steps to take to begin to monetize their applications.

Earn money with Android

 To earn money with Android creating apps with Commission Droid you need to Maximize our audience

Let's start by imagining that we have developed an application  with Commission Droid in which we have followed the first 3 pillars of an application:

Idea: Have a good idea (useful, funny, original ...).
Enhancement: That is different from the rest (if there is an alternative or similar apps must offer something better).
Audience: It is aimed at a more or less wide audience.
Once we are at this point, we must be aware that having a large audience is our first goal. We have the best app in the world, without public concerned, we are nothing.
Consider then the public may our application as a graph imaginary parts, where to start, a small percentage (green) is public interested in our application, and a large percentage (color black) public is not interested in our application.

maximize audience

1. Compatibility

One of the first things we have to take care is that of the famous fragmentation. Android has multiple versions, each with their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. We know the percentage of overall use of each version and act accordingly.

Google has scored 1.5 and 1.6 versions as obsolete, recommending create applications (at least) to Android 2.1 (currently 5%).
It is up to us to decide which version to start developing, but bear in mind that the smaller, more users can use our application.

2. Theme for your Commission Droid app

Another recurring question is what kind of application I can develop? What gender? What are the most profitable in Android theme?
Article Weather category apps are the MOST profitable in Android Market, research2guidance study, we created a graphic to the topics most profitable in the Android market (study conducted in August 2011), resulting thematic or business time, which higher incomes.
From my point of view, is very "greedy" develop an application in view of the profitability of a category, especially given that such studies should be taken with care. However, it is a fact that is not worth knowing.

3. Competition

There is strong competition (and increasingly there will be more), so that one of the essential criteria is to highlight and offer something interesting for the end user.
We must not fail to develop applications "because someone did something." What we should do is give a twist to our idea. Games like Angry Birds or the like are not new concepts, but if you have a renewal and strengthening of each of its elements to make it as attractive as possible.

In short, on the one hand or the other, you have to get the effect Shut up and take my money! by end users by applying attractive ideas.

4. Country (or language)

It is no secret that an application in Spanish will have much less public that an application in English, as not only the second most spoken language, but the scope is much larger audience.
One tip is to always try to translate into all languages ​​possible our application, based on the English and Spanish (I will explain why this is important in the world of advertising). So if you are serious about earning money with Android you should get your app translated.

5. Business Model

Finally, choose a good business model that fits best to the characteristics of our application or game. There are many business models, but the most common ones we see in the next post.
In the event that we have not developed an application, we will demonstrate how it is no feat, and anyone can develop. Even with out Commission Droid
To this end, I bring a good list of absurd applications:
Solar charger: keep an eye to comments
Useless Button: A button that does nothing
Ruler: Ruler measuring wrong
Stevie Wonder Simulator: Actually, Helen Keller, I changed region issues.
Kamikaze Phone: higher throw your phone, the more points
Vuvuzela Deluxe: 100 euros, you sell one you served ...
Wank o Meter: And finally, the classic . . .

Commission Droid Review

I have the first demo of Commission Droid

commission droid review
I wanted to have a Commission Droid review so I asked his owner Peng Li to allow me to have a Demo of the product before launch on 18/12/2012 so i will be able to give a full review from a first hand after i have studied all.

I have to say that lately we didn´t have an lounch like that on clickbank because many vendors are scared about the last changes that are taking place on Clickbank. I don´t usualy do clickbank products reviews, buut this time as commission droid it is all about mobile apps revolution, something that we may face it it is growing every day, i see the future in this.

I wanted to get involved in producing mobile apps but the coding is not something that I like. I have to say that for publishing my posts i use an rich text editor all because i don´t have a clue about html, php and codes like that, they are not for me.
I am sure that most of the people falls in the same category as I am and this is the place where it comes my Commission Droid Review

Commission Droid Review a first look

I was delighted to see that is no need of technical skills because it is all put toghether so I don´t need to learn coding now at my age. :)
It has now need to do the job of a baibysitter, that means no need to follow up.
Another interesting part is that commission droid is made for lazy people. I state in my Commissiom Droid Review that this one it is really for lazy people. I dont have to do to much only let the sistem work.
I see the future in this even if we are looking at the Americans. Arround 157 447 000 of Americans have an Smartphone with arround 35 to 40 apps installed.
See what I mean if we extend this to only the english speaking country i will let you do the mat.

I decided to make an mobile app with Comdroid as a gift for my girl friend and after i have gifted her i was so happy that ia have forgot the parta of monetizing after few days i decided to try it out and i saw the results in a week. The owner says that you will be able to see results faster than that but I don´t now i didn´t tested that far.

Commission Droid Review - The Bad part of the sistem

I was searching the bad part of Commission Droid, each sistem have bad parts that normaly the owner "forgets" to tell you in the sell process.
This sistem do not work for apple, is not good to make apps for Iphone nor related, soo that market is forbidden for the moment at list in what concerns Commission Droid.
Another part that they are not teling you is that for becoming an android developper Google charges a fee wich is 20 euro or w5 Usd. Is not that big issue but it is something that i would like to now from the start.
Somethimes it goes to fast that i am not able to figure aut where I am and i need to start over, maybe is that i missed something in the steps that Peng Li says to do it.

I will come back later with some more experiences about this so keep watching my Commission Droid Review.

Commission Droid. How to earn money with mobile apps

Commission Droid is the tool that teaches you how to earn money with mobile app.

Commission Droid

Peng Li launches Commission Droid  It starts en 18/12/2012
This is the day that this baby will born and in that very own day you will be able to create your first mobile apps that can bring you money with out any knowledge about coding.

How to make money with mobile applications tthat you create with Commission Droid.

Advertising, payment for virtual goods within games or applications premium versions are the most common options to monetize apps.

A mobile application can be based on a good idea, work very well and be chosen by many users. But in the mobile market, that does not automatically translate into profits. A free application without hardly generate advertising revenue, get more users. However there are several ways to make money from applications and not all involve charging for the service.

Ways of earning money with Commission Droid

One of the ways to make money, of course, is to set a price for downloading the application. This option has its pros and cons. On one hand, it can work. In fact, a report from Nielsen reveals that users are increasingly willing to pay for downloads when they find something of value in them.
But on the other hand, the market is very competitive. If you are competing against free programs can hardly do much to become the choice for users. Therefore it is necessary to assess ways to monetize applications without charging users for download.

One option to keep the app free and earn money anyway is to implement sales within the application. It can charge for extra services or sell virtual goods business model that is booming. For example, there are applications on Facebook that sell gifts to send to friends. Commission droid will help you during the process

Another sale that works very well is the accessories or extra weapons within games. Apps like Angry Birds, for example, offer extra tools that help pass levels and cost real money. Users have a strong tendency to buy content within applications. According to a study (PDF) of PlaySpan, one in three gamers have spent real money on a virtual shopping.

Another alternative in which you can think of is to get a sponsor. While not usually the option that leaves more profit, can help keep the application and position itself in the market to further develop Apps.
[To do all this and what it comes explained further you need first of all to create an mobile app and here is where it comes Commission droid that will build it for you in 12 minutes.]
In addition, the name of the sponsor can build confidence in order to attract users to use the application.
Finally there is the option of selling advertising space. The more you download the application and is better known, more notice may be charged to advertisers. So in many cases advertising can generate more income than selling the application, since the fact that the download is free means that, surely, the number of users will increase.
These ways of earning income do not exclude each other. Some free apps display advertising is removed when you purchase a premium membership, for example. You can also sell virtual goods in payment applications, and sales of virtual goods can coexist with advertising.
In conclusion, you as an Commission Droid mobile apps developer must evaluate which method to earn money that best suits your needs, depending on the audience you are addressing the application of the function itself and its growth prospects. For example, in a game is more likely the sale of goods within the app.
Apps and a segmented audience may be easier to get advertisers. If you offer a quality program, and it provides something of value to its users, find a way to monetize it will not be difficult and if you build the app with commission droid it just gets a lot easy.