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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Earn Money with Android using Commission Droid

After you buy Commission Droid come back here to learn more about monetization of an Android application.

This post is addressed to all those who start an application and do not know what steps to take to begin to monetize their applications.

Earn money with Android

 To earn money with Android creating apps with Commission Droid you need to Maximize our audience

Let's start by imagining that we have developed an application  with Commission Droid in which we have followed the first 3 pillars of an application:

Idea: Have a good idea (useful, funny, original ...).
Enhancement: That is different from the rest (if there is an alternative or similar apps must offer something better).
Audience: It is aimed at a more or less wide audience.
Once we are at this point, we must be aware that having a large audience is our first goal. We have the best app in the world, without public concerned, we are nothing.
Consider then the public may our application as a graph imaginary parts, where to start, a small percentage (green) is public interested in our application, and a large percentage (color black) public is not interested in our application.

maximize audience

1. Compatibility

One of the first things we have to take care is that of the famous fragmentation. Android has multiple versions, each with their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. We know the percentage of overall use of each version and act accordingly.

Google has scored 1.5 and 1.6 versions as obsolete, recommending create applications (at least) to Android 2.1 (currently 5%).
It is up to us to decide which version to start developing, but bear in mind that the smaller, more users can use our application.

2. Theme for your Commission Droid app

Another recurring question is what kind of application I can develop? What gender? What are the most profitable in Android theme?
Article Weather category apps are the MOST profitable in Android Market, research2guidance study, we created a graphic to the topics most profitable in the Android market (study conducted in August 2011), resulting thematic or business time, which higher incomes.
From my point of view, is very "greedy" develop an application in view of the profitability of a category, especially given that such studies should be taken with care. However, it is a fact that is not worth knowing.

3. Competition

There is strong competition (and increasingly there will be more), so that one of the essential criteria is to highlight and offer something interesting for the end user.
We must not fail to develop applications "because someone did something." What we should do is give a twist to our idea. Games like Angry Birds or the like are not new concepts, but if you have a renewal and strengthening of each of its elements to make it as attractive as possible.

In short, on the one hand or the other, you have to get the effect Shut up and take my money! by end users by applying attractive ideas.

4. Country (or language)

It is no secret that an application in Spanish will have much less public that an application in English, as not only the second most spoken language, but the scope is much larger audience.
One tip is to always try to translate into all languages ​​possible our application, based on the English and Spanish (I will explain why this is important in the world of advertising). So if you are serious about earning money with Android you should get your app translated.

5. Business Model

Finally, choose a good business model that fits best to the characteristics of our application or game. There are many business models, but the most common ones we see in the next post.
In the event that we have not developed an application, we will demonstrate how it is no feat, and anyone can develop. Even with out Commission Droid
To this end, I bring a good list of absurd applications:
Solar charger: keep an eye to comments
Useless Button: A button that does nothing
Ruler: Ruler measuring wrong
Stevie Wonder Simulator: Actually, Helen Keller, I changed region issues.
Kamikaze Phone: higher throw your phone, the more points
Vuvuzela Deluxe: 100 euros, you sell one you served ...
Wank o Meter: And finally, the classic . . .

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