Comission Droid

Commission Droid

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Commission Droid Review

I have the first demo of Commission Droid

commission droid review
I wanted to have a Commission Droid review so I asked his owner Peng Li to allow me to have a Demo of the product before launch on 18/12/2012 so i will be able to give a full review from a first hand after i have studied all.

I have to say that lately we didn´t have an lounch like that on clickbank because many vendors are scared about the last changes that are taking place on Clickbank. I don´t usualy do clickbank products reviews, buut this time as commission droid it is all about mobile apps revolution, something that we may face it it is growing every day, i see the future in this.

I wanted to get involved in producing mobile apps but the coding is not something that I like. I have to say that for publishing my posts i use an rich text editor all because i don´t have a clue about html, php and codes like that, they are not for me.
I am sure that most of the people falls in the same category as I am and this is the place where it comes my Commission Droid Review

Commission Droid Review a first look

I was delighted to see that is no need of technical skills because it is all put toghether so I don´t need to learn coding now at my age. :)
It has now need to do the job of a baibysitter, that means no need to follow up.
Another interesting part is that commission droid is made for lazy people. I state in my Commissiom Droid Review that this one it is really for lazy people. I dont have to do to much only let the sistem work.
I see the future in this even if we are looking at the Americans. Arround 157 447 000 of Americans have an Smartphone with arround 35 to 40 apps installed.
See what I mean if we extend this to only the english speaking country i will let you do the mat.

I decided to make an mobile app with Comdroid as a gift for my girl friend and after i have gifted her i was so happy that ia have forgot the parta of monetizing after few days i decided to try it out and i saw the results in a week. The owner says that you will be able to see results faster than that but I don´t now i didn´t tested that far.

Commission Droid Review - The Bad part of the sistem

I was searching the bad part of Commission Droid, each sistem have bad parts that normaly the owner "forgets" to tell you in the sell process.
This sistem do not work for apple, is not good to make apps for Iphone nor related, soo that market is forbidden for the moment at list in what concerns Commission Droid.
Another part that they are not teling you is that for becoming an android developper Google charges a fee wich is 20 euro or w5 Usd. Is not that big issue but it is something that i would like to now from the start.
Somethimes it goes to fast that i am not able to figure aut where I am and i need to start over, maybe is that i missed something in the steps that Peng Li says to do it.

I will come back later with some more experiences about this so keep watching my Commission Droid Review.

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