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Friday, December 7, 2012

Use of Commission Droid, ad types and ad networks

Ad Types to use with Commission Droid

There are many types of announcements in Android world, however, the most common of them are the following:

Ad types

Text Banners: Ads that show an icon and a text description of the ad. From the most simple and straightforward.

Graphic Banners: Same as above, however, show an image instead of a text.

Expandable Banners: Much more intrusive (and profitable) are expandable banners, full screen showing an ad for a short time, such as can be seen in recent days in famous applications.
Notifications Airpush: From the most annoying and intrusive, are Airpush notifications, an advertising model that displays ads in the main notification bar of the user.

As always, what ad type we use is up to you as user of Commission Droid, balancing that type is more suited to him and his audience, and if you prefer to be more or less aggressive about advertising.

Ad Networks to use with apps builded by Commission Droid

-We have a lat of advertisink networks to help you monetize apps builded with commission droid, entre otras, por ejemplo:

We shall use most the big one, Google AdMob, one of the most well known in mobile advertisingl, now the owner is Google, and is the one wich offer the best results until the date in what concerns mobile advertising.

1. Introducción in AdMob

With this platformncan register as an advertizer (and advertize your stuff), as coder  ,the good news is that with commission droid you don´t need to learn coding, (editor, and earn money with android by introducing ads in your apps).
Google AdMob plays the same role as Google Adwords and Google Adsense in www, and it is available for almost all mobile device, like AndroidiPhone/iPad and Windows Phone.

android iphone windows mobile

2. Fast Panel 

Google AdMob owns an fast panel very easy, here you can see the daily income (regarding the last day or the last week), earnings to cash (since the last pay out) and an estimated future income (graphics wich shos how your earning evolves).
And also, we can see from wich app we have received the income from,  so we can see wich one sells better.


To be able to use Panels in our advertising campains of our apps produced with Commission Droid we must understend some of the tecnical terms.

  • Hits: End user acces an app, this app calls an ad from AdMob.
  • ImpressionsAdMob serves the ad and shows it to the user inside of your the app that you build.
  • Percentage of filling: Could happen that even when the request is received, AdMob is not able to serve the ad (no advertising for this category, no ads for a country, etc...). This concept indicates the percentage used of the total claims. To avoid this, use mediation.

percentage of filling

3. Detailed sections

This panel also fast (useful for checking weekly), we can examine more accurate reports, which show us more detailed information, geographic data (from which countries get requests), setting filters to prevent unwanted ads show, the competition from other countries or certain categories or customizing ads (colors, renovation, social ...).

4. Mediators

As stated above, one of the drawbacks that have used advertising, is that depending on various factors, we may be losing impressions and therefore reducing our profitability. This is clear if we have a low fill rate. To avoid this, in AdMob networks exist mediators or mediation.
Basically, it is set several alternative networks, such as InMobi Adfonic so, in the case AdMob wil not find ads for serving, the network asks these third parts, so you will use the maximum of all impressions.



As a plus to all is that Admob allows us to set up the networks by country o su eCPI  (efectivity, the eCPM presents here the rentability no matter if we talk about CPM, CPC, CPA, etc...).

5. Other things:

AdMob owns an API to allow coders (Cmmission Droid apps builders) to build an own sistem of aoutoadvertising for them.

6. Payments:

The payment from our incomes strings are payed out using bank wire transfer (IBAN & SWIFT of our account) or with Paypal (with our email).
Normaly if the income is more than 100 dollars, you will receive the paymen the second mounth. En another case te income goes to the third mounth.
This is the part that Commission Droid does not explains in their advertising. If you will use mobile advertising networks you will have to wait at lis 2 (two) mounts to begin earning some money with Commission Droid.

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