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Commission Droid

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Commission Droid. How to earn money with mobile apps

Commission Droid is the tool that teaches you how to earn money with mobile app.

Commission Droid

Peng Li launches Commission Droid  It starts en 18/12/2012
This is the day that this baby will born and in that very own day you will be able to create your first mobile apps that can bring you money with out any knowledge about coding.

How to make money with mobile applications tthat you create with Commission Droid.

Advertising, payment for virtual goods within games or applications premium versions are the most common options to monetize apps.

A mobile application can be based on a good idea, work very well and be chosen by many users. But in the mobile market, that does not automatically translate into profits. A free application without hardly generate advertising revenue, get more users. However there are several ways to make money from applications and not all involve charging for the service.

Ways of earning money with Commission Droid

One of the ways to make money, of course, is to set a price for downloading the application. This option has its pros and cons. On one hand, it can work. In fact, a report from Nielsen reveals that users are increasingly willing to pay for downloads when they find something of value in them.
But on the other hand, the market is very competitive. If you are competing against free programs can hardly do much to become the choice for users. Therefore it is necessary to assess ways to monetize applications without charging users for download.

One option to keep the app free and earn money anyway is to implement sales within the application. It can charge for extra services or sell virtual goods business model that is booming. For example, there are applications on Facebook that sell gifts to send to friends. Commission droid will help you during the process

Another sale that works very well is the accessories or extra weapons within games. Apps like Angry Birds, for example, offer extra tools that help pass levels and cost real money. Users have a strong tendency to buy content within applications. According to a study (PDF) of PlaySpan, one in three gamers have spent real money on a virtual shopping.

Another alternative in which you can think of is to get a sponsor. While not usually the option that leaves more profit, can help keep the application and position itself in the market to further develop Apps.
[To do all this and what it comes explained further you need first of all to create an mobile app and here is where it comes Commission droid that will build it for you in 12 minutes.]
In addition, the name of the sponsor can build confidence in order to attract users to use the application.
Finally there is the option of selling advertising space. The more you download the application and is better known, more notice may be charged to advertisers. So in many cases advertising can generate more income than selling the application, since the fact that the download is free means that, surely, the number of users will increase.
These ways of earning income do not exclude each other. Some free apps display advertising is removed when you purchase a premium membership, for example. You can also sell virtual goods in payment applications, and sales of virtual goods can coexist with advertising.
In conclusion, you as an Commission Droid mobile apps developer must evaluate which method to earn money that best suits your needs, depending on the audience you are addressing the application of the function itself and its growth prospects. For example, in a game is more likely the sale of goods within the app.
Apps and a segmented audience may be easier to get advertisers. If you offer a quality program, and it provides something of value to its users, find a way to monetize it will not be difficult and if you build the app with commission droid it just gets a lot easy.

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